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About me

From a very early age, I found that I was extremely attracted into art, where I studied in school at that time by Mr Montero. To my surprise, not only did I enjoy this subject, I also entered a few competitions which to my amazement, I actually won a few of them. My love to art never stopped me from venturing into different topics furthering my artistic skills, which took me to 2006, where I was quite attracted to the new digital photographic era, where the DSLR (Digital Self-Lens Reflex) cameras where being used.


It was only at this time, when being on holiday, friend of mine actually lent me one of these cameras for me to try out, as I personally didn't have one of my own, nor did I ever feel I really need one at the time. I found that photography was an interesting and different artistic subject for me to show my skills, when at 2007 I made the move of buying my own and very first DSLR camera and like i feel that everyone who does, at first, started reading a bit about what digital photography was about, also started playing around testing some shots with my brand new camera etc, which brought me to late 2007 beginning of 2008, where I met up with a few likeminded friends, who also had themselves these types of cameras. I then started getting a bit more serious into this subject, where I started taking photographic beginners' courses in at the local John Macintosh Hall, this gradually was getting me deeper and deeper into the photographic world, as I was truly enjoying myself as well as I found that I was getting positive results with the work I was producing.

To my surprise, in 2014 I won photographer of the year award in our Local Photographic Club, this gave me an even greater boost to my self esteem into photography, where I then decided to further expand myself, where in 2015/2016 I felt I would go deeper and more professionally in photographing weddings, family photo shoots, Local events, as well as abroad and some portraits. To date, photography is an incredible hobby which I enjoy fully, aside from my professional one, being a full time Ambulance Emergency Technician.



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Anthony Williams


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